1) Please use this link to download the softphone  for Windows or for Mac

Just run and install it. I’ll login and set it up for you. It’s an older version, but I have less problems with the older version.  If it doesn’t download automatically, use Zoiper 3.

2) Also, please download the screenshare software for Windows or for Mac

This is an older version of Teamviewer that I have a license for, the new version will not work for me. Run it as a basic/typical installation, for personal use only. Text me the 9 digit user id and  password.

3)Finally, please go to ipchicken.com and text me your ip address. I’ll login and get it all installed, and will send you a message before i try to login. It’s the big numbers in the page in blue.

4) Your phone extension will be the last 4 of your SSN, and your User ID for the dialer will be your NPN. Please send both (NPN & last 4 of SSN) of these to me via text.

6) Add the Dialer Website to  your favorites on your web browser.  It will say it cannot be found, but save it anyways, then I will whitelist your IP address so you have access to the system.